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Michelle and Kav's Gum Gully Farm Wedding

Michelle and Kav's Gum Gully Farm Wedding


These two were lucky enough to have two wedding ceremonies.If you want to have a look at their first day you can view it here.

This is day two of Michelle and Kav's ceremonies, at the lovely Gum Gully Farm in Silvan, east of Melbourne. The love these two have for each other is so, so evident. The way Michelle looked at Kav was so very beautiful to witness. Here is their story

x Dee 

Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding

Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding in Ballarat

Tears welled in Leanora's eyes as she looked towards James. She spoke softly, her emotion tangible, about the notion of home, and how, when with James, she was home. 

Love is a funny thing. Once you've felt it, really felt it, the notion of home becomes not a place, or a destination or a postcode, but can be found in another person. It is a love of deep knowing, of rightness, and comfort- I am home with you.

When I first met with Leanora and James they made me believe, naively or not, that everyone has their person, that if we are lucky enough, in a sea of 7 billion souls, we can each find our way home.

As the sun grew heavy and low on the horizon during Leanora and James' day and the night gently crept in, a deep sense of relief surged through me. I realised the notion of home in another, isn't naive. Through their actions, they demonstrated that it is real. And tangible. The love I witnessed during their day is evidence of that.

May we all, if for a lifetime, or only fleetingly, find our way home. There is no higher love.

This is the mark this wedding has left on me. 


location- Creswick family property

videography-  Danae from Me and My Camera. You can view Danae's wedding film of their day here 


Rach + Sam. Married.

Rach + Sam. Married. Gum Gully Farm Wedding

"Dee, we don't want a huge fuss, it's not really us. We just want to celebrate with our family and friends, a day that reflects who we are, that's what's important to us."

Beneath the laughter, the jokes, the chaos, and all those pretty details, runs a deeper, quieter narrative, that pulls at me, and this, is what I keep coming back to, again, and again. 

This is Rach and Sam's beautifully stripped back wedding.


Their day is also featured on Ivory Tribe. You can see more of their day here.

Shall we?
Let’s do this together




Liz and Scott's Lancefield Country Wedding

Liz and Scott's Lancefield Country Wedding

Anyone who knows me will know that there are a few little visual quirks that I love- such as forming my compositions based solely on lines, and angles, and symmetry, (as well as awesome light!)  I'm not sure why I am so drawn to these elements but for as long as I can remember they have brought me a sense of calm and order in a world, which for better or worse is crazy, unpredictable, chaotic. 

And, as it turns out, I have found a kindred sprit in Liz, during a conversation on her wedding day, who, I might add is much more mathematically minded than myself, and this got me thinking about the connections that can be drawn between art and mathematics, art and science. In my little world, mathematics and science are just another expression of art, they are all interconnected.

And I guess this is how our relationships are too, all interconnected with each other, at times affecting those around us profoundly, and other times, so subtly that it is barely noticeable. And this is what I love about being human, how we are all connected, how we have the ability to profoundly influence and compliment each other in so many known and unknown ways. 

You could see this in Liz and Scott, two strong, independent, beautiful people, who grew up on opposite sides of the globe, coming together, complimenting each other, merging two families- And it was such a pleasure being let into their lives for a day. 

My friend Glen photographed alongside me during this wedding, his images are interspersed throughout.

second shooter- Glen Nicholls 

reception venue- Glen Erin at Lancefield

locations- Lancefield, Glen Erin at Lancefield, Sunnyside Cottage

videography Native Weddings

Monique + Dave. Glen Erin Wedding

Monique + Dave. Glen Erin at Lancefield Wedding

Monique and Dave. As I was putting together this post and selecting images for it I found myself smiling. Remembering all the little moments throughout the day. How much I love what I do. And it got me thinking. About why I do what I do. About connection. About how as humans, it is the one thing that brings us all together. Connection is the reason I thrive on being a part of a couples wedding day. I am present in the moment. I am privileged to come into my beautiful clients' lives, if only briefly. To connect with them. It grounds me in the knowledge that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and that it binds us all together. The connection between Monique and Dave was evident. And I was privileged enough to be a part of it. Capturing with my camera what life is really all about.