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The Fine Art Wedding Album

A hand crafted, timeless celebration of your day. Utilising the highest quality craftsmanship in book binding techniques with archival quality inks, these albums are made to be passed down to your grandchildren.

Each album is completely bespoke and created just for you, with a vast variety of premium leathers, vegan leathers and book cloth covers to choose from. Albums lay completely flat when open and include custom foil embossing. Trust me, if there’s one thing that will tell the story of your day in decades to come, it’s this.

In a world of digital photography where all of our images live on our computers, being able to hold a physical book that tells the story of your wedding day, in your hands, your children's hand, and their children's hands holds even more importance.

Made to be passed down

After the passing of my last grandparent in early 2017 I was looking back over old family photos- of my dad as a child in the 40's, barefoot and in overalls, and my Nana and Poppa's wedding portrait, with my Nana in a long sleeved lace gown and my Poppa standing proud, in his Naval uniform. This is what it’s all about. These photos have taken on a new level of significance for me. I'm so grateful that those images were captured.

It’s my hope that perhaps, in generations to come, one of these albums will be held fondly in the hands of your loved ones.

My albums are available to everyone whether or not I have photographed your wedding.

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bespoke fine art wedding albums