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Amanda and Matthew's Melbourne Zoo wedding

Amanda and Matthew's Melbourne Zoo wedding

I love that we are all so perfectly unique in our own quirky little ways.

This is what I loved about Amanda and Matthew. Unapologetically, whole heartedly themselves. Sharing this giant adventure we all call life united. Together.

Tess and Chris' Heartfelt Farm Vigano Wedding

Tess and Chris' Heartfelt Farm Vigano Wedding

This is Tess and Chris’ story. Tess and Chris are two of the most genuine, down to earth people you could ever wish to meet. It was such an absolute pleasure being a part of their day. I hope you enjoy their story as much as I enjoyed photographing it.

Cara and Jacob's Glasshaus Inside Wedding

Cara and Jacob's Glasshaus Inside Wedding

Cara and Jacobs Glasshaus Inside wedding was a dream to be a part of. I was on a high for days after being a part of this day, and when Jacob later told me that he wasn’t normally into photos, but that my energy and enthusiasm was infectious, and that he was right into it- it only confirmed what I already thought- that these two absolute legends had an absolute blast and were so much fun to spend the day with.

Michelle + Kav's traditional Poruwa ceremony

Michelle Kav. Part One. Traditional Poruwa Ceremony 

Michelle and Kav grew up at school together. They are best friends and share such a special bond, evident in the way Michelle's eyes light up when she looks at Kav. I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph not one but two of their ceremonies, each held one week apart. Spending the afternoon with Michelle and Kav in the Dandenong ranges was a heap of fun. We then went back to Kav's family home where they held their traditional Sri Lankan Poruwa ceremony. I was smiling from ear to ear as I finished for the evening- I had made two lovely new friends, and even better, I was going to get to spend another day with them at their second ceremony that was soon to follow.  

Karli and Damo's Country Wedding

Karli and Damo's relaxed Gum Gully Farm wedding

Karli and Damian. Best friends. This was evident from the moment I met them both. Two completely different individuals, Karli, outgoing and chatty, Damian, quieter and observant. But together they make the perfect team. 

Their Gum Gully Farm wedding was casual and relaxed. Towards the end of the evening I was taking a little breather outside, admiring the sky, (as I often do if I'm honest with you,) reflecting on the day just past and how lucky I was to have been a part of it, when the sky took on a sudden blood red hue. I raced to find Karli and Damian, motioning to the sky outside- it was on fire. I have never in my life, witnessed such a sunset.

And there we were- Karli, Damian, a couple of photographers with a couple of videographers running and weaving and ducking through mingling guests, with mouths wide open wondering just what all the fuss was all about,  across to fields to be able to attempt to capture what we were all seeing. That moment, of running with them to catch the light will always stay with me. I have never felt so alive. 

Vendor credits

Venue- Gum Gully Farm

Videography- Woolshed Imaging

Celebrant- Russ Macumber Celebrant

Second photographer- Glen Nicholls Photography

catering- Yarra Valley Catering