The benefits of prints and wedding albums

the benefits of prints and wedding albums


I love receiving packages in the mail- even when they are for my business! My 2018 sample albums arrived a few days ago and I am swoooooning over them.

fine art wedding albums.jpg
fine art wedding albums.jpg


Here’s the thing- we live in such a fast paced, digital world that nothing quite compares to that feeling of slowing down, cuddling up on the couch and reliving with your partner, or sharing with your family the beautiful story that was your wedding day, through print.

I’m such a strong advocate for the wedding albums I offer, as well as getting your images off the computer and printed. Technology is changing so quickly these days, who knows how long USBs and even digital downloads will be around for. 

fine art wedding photography albums .jpg
2Y9A fine art wedding photography albums .jpg

For me, an image is finally ‘complete’ when it becomes a piece of art, in the form of a beautifully framed feature print, or part of the story that is your wedding day in the form of an album.

I can work with you to create lasting and custom printed and framed art pieces as well as design a bespoke wedding album that reflects your day. If you are considering getting your images out of the digital space and onto the wall or coffee table I’d love to help you. Feel free to contact me here.

Print your photos kids, this is all.

Dee xx