Daniel + Gaetano. Same sex portraits

Same sex engagement portraits at Cape Schank

Cool salty air rushed past my face, messing my hair and fizzing my skin. The sun was sitting heavy and low. Walking ahead of me, two boys, hand in hand, together for nearly a decade now. 

A small smile on my face. A strange mix of happy and sad at the same time. The knowing that one, two, three, four decades ago this engagement session would not have been possible. 

For their story is mine too. And I was overcome with emotion- for all that has gone before, to get us to where we are today- where two people who love each other can choose to marry.

For every time Daniel and Gaetano had walked in public, hand in hand with an intrinsic sense of 'otherness' and 'difference'.

For all the lovely young LGBTIQA+ couples today, who know this feeling just a little less.

For future generations who, hopefully, will not have to 'come out' at all- because it just isn't a big deal.

Laughter carried on the breeze and the whack of a wave against a million grains of sand grounded me. I looked up. Two people in love were laughing, Daniel was leading Gaetano by the hand, helping him over rocks to just the right vantage point. 

'For all that has gone before', I thought, as I walked, one foot in front of the other towards them. 


Daniel and Gaetano's engagement session is also featured over on Groom and Guy. You can see more of their day here. 

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