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Matt and Tatham's Botanical Garden wedding in Melbourne

Matt and Tatham's Botanical Garden wedding in Melbourne

An intimate affair with only 15 guests was the perfect way for these two gents to celebrate their love for one another. Matt and Tatham’s same sex wedding at Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens and surrounding South Yarra area was heartfelt at it’s core and made all the more special with their intimate guest list.

2017 Year in Review

2017 Year in Review

I've been sitting for an hour, not even sure where to start with this one, 2017 has been epic, both personally and professionally. If someone had told me a year ago all the things that were going to happen during the following 12 months I probably would have scoffed in their face at the thought of it all. I want to write about ten thousand fleeting little moments, and  how they have all touched me personally as well as shaped my business.   

Here though, are the big things that I keep coming back to. 


Boom. Imagine what we could achieve if we weren't afraid of failing? What if we leaned into all those moments that are hard and make us feel uneasy? Don't get me wrong- fear is normal, it's proof that we are human and of our innate vulnerability. It's what we do with it that makes all the difference. I've seen in my own life over the last couple of years that every time I've been pushed way beyond my own limits of comfort, if I can just lean into it and embrace it only good has come from it all. Take risks. Fail. Just do it. Really. I mean this so very, very much. PS- I'm now also working on Bonavita full time- woohoo!! 


When we act from a position of authenticity I really believe that everything else just falls into place. We all feel joy, and love, and elation, and loss and uncertainty and pain. When we recognise that all our stories are both unique to us as well as part of a collective much larger than ourselves connection becomes much more innate. Connection and authenticity forms the basis of how I run Bonavita as well as live my own life. I'm in this with all my heart. 


If witnessing so many beautiful days full of happy tears, whole belly laughs and families coming together in celebration weren't proof of this enough, one little word "YES" topped it all off! This is still sinking in to be honest, that my family and my friends can now legally share their love with the world! The vote was hard, but the outcome so very very beautiful. A public display of support for all my fellow LGBTQIA+ friends. Thank you Australia, because love really is love. 

What will 2018 hold? I can't tell you as it's yet to be written- what I can tell you through is that I'm SO SO excited for the next 12 months and all that lies ahead. Bring it on!! 


Small wedding packages for same sex couples

Same sex Gay Lesbian wedding photography


Throughout the year of 2018 I'm offering a very special "micro package" for all those lovely folk who are already, in everyone's eyes except the law's (until very recently of course!!) already married. It's designed for couples who just want to make things official, and is extended to everyone, not just the LGBTQIA+ community. If you are looking for traditional all day coverage I recommend have a look at the FAQ page.


Included is up to 3 hours of coverage, which is just enough time for a quick ceremony/ signing, as well as group photos with your family and friends, and a photo session with just the two of you. All images are individually edited, come in both colour and black and white, as well as high resolution for printing and small copies for sharing online with friends. 


Date's are available throughout the year, from the 9th of January onwards. Weekdays, evenings, and mornings are all perfectly ok. I am making this package available in addition with my already booked 2018 weddings and have already had a lot of interest in this type of coverage so please contact me as soon as you are able to to secure your date. 


It's easy! You can contact me here for my availability and a detailed price list.

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