Adam and Mathew's Ascot House Wedding

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We’ve never planned a wedding before. This is what Adam and Mathew noted when we first met to chat about their day. I laughed. Well, I said, of course you haven’t planned a wedding before, and I smiled at them. We chatted about growing up, coming out, how they met, the day the same sex wedding vote came through and the weight of that moment. I was excited to be a part of their day. The date was set. The venue booked.

Then the email one morning. Our venue has gone under, we have to find a new venue. Planning your wedding shouldn’t be like this. I felt for them. Their vendors rallied around them offering support and services. The wider public rallied too. It was good to see that so many people, complete strangers wanted the best for these two.

But life is serendipitous, and when Adam and Mathew stumbled across Ascot House everything just fell into place. Just as it was always meant to. Surrounded by their family and friends, supported by some amazing vendors, Adam and Mathew made their love official. A small smile on my face as I thought about all that had gone before to get to this moment.