2016. Year in Review

2016. Year in Review

2016. What a year.  The last days of 2015 rolled lazily into the first days of 2016. (You know that time of year? Those lovely few lazy days where you lose all concept of what day of the week it is?)

2016 lay endlessly before me. A blank slate. Yet to be written. Filled with endless possibilities, adventures, challenges, stories, yet to unfold. But most of all, what lay before me was hope. Hope for growth, both personally and professionally, hope for those I love around me, hope, for all the beautiful stories I had yet to encounter. 

And this for me is what it's all about. Hope, for the endless possibilities of what the year ahead could hold for me. I found myself out of my comfort zone, pushing myself on so many levels. Always challenging my practice, asking myself, what else? What more is there? How can I push myself just that little bit more? 

To all my beautiful clients, it was a privilege and a pleasure being let into your lives to tell the story of your wedding day. You make me love what I do, and that, is an honour.

To my family and friends, your endless support this year is so deeply appreciated. 

To everyone that I know, and to those that I don't, this coming year, in 2017 push yourself, just go for it, get out of your comfort zone, be uncomfortable, it's ok- because this is where all the good stuff happens!