Lauren and Ross' laid back Fitzroy Wedding

Lauren and Ross' laid back rainy Fitzroy Wedding

The rain was already coming in hard and sideways as I headed into Fitzroy for Lauren and Ross'  local wedding. An unprecedented rain event. A once in a generation downpour- that was the forecast for their day. 

Just the day before their wedding, on a warm and clear December's afternoon I was walking along Brunswick Street, eyeing off cute little indoor spaces and approaching local businesses, asking them if we could photograph in their spaces, should the weather predictions prove true.

Lauren and Ross were Fitzroy locals, and had planned their entire wedding just streets away from their unit.

When I approached the local businesses in the area and explained the situation they were more than happy to help out a couple of locals on their wedding day- talk about community spirit!

Lauren and Ross, umbrellas in hand, ducked and weaved and laughed their way though the rain-soaked laneways of Fitzroy, and into the warmth and comfort of their local coffee shop, where we took some time out to just take in the day. Smells of coffee and cinnamon surrounded us as Lauren and Ross smiled and laughed together quietly. 

In the weeks that followed we joked about the rain over a slow lunch, and yet more coffee,  as Lauren and Ross relived their day, browsing through their images for the first time. 

"The rain was perfect Dee," I recall Lauren telling me, "And we just put our trust and faith in you because we could tell you had our back and were all over it. And we wouldn't have had it any other way. It was just perfect"

Their day is also featured on Ivory Tribe, you can see more of their day here. 


Ceremony and reception- St Andrews Conservatory

Locations- Bon Ap, Zetta Florence

Celebrant- Julie Byrne

Florist- Thrive Flowers

Hair- Dana Leviston 

Makeup- The Distinctive Dame  

Gown- Lace top from BHLDN  and skirt made by dressmaker Linda Doble

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