Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding

Leanora + James' heartfelt country wedding in Ballarat

Tears welled in Leanora's eyes as she looked towards James. She spoke softly, her emotion tangible, about the notion of home, and how, when with James, she was home. 

Love is a funny thing. Once you've felt it, really felt it, the notion of home becomes not a place, or a destination or a postcode, but can be found in another person. It is a love of deep knowing, of rightness, and comfort- I am home with you.

When I first met with Leanora and James they made me believe, naively or not, that everyone has their person, that if we are lucky enough, in a sea of 7 billion souls, we can each find our way home.

As the sun grew heavy and low on the horizon during Leanora and James' day and the night gently crept in, a deep sense of relief surged through me. I realised the notion of home in another, isn't naive. Through their actions, they demonstrated that it is real. And tangible. The love I witnessed during their day is evidence of that.

May we all, if for a lifetime, or only fleetingly, find our way home. There is no higher love.

This is the mark this wedding has left on me. 


location- Creswick family property

videography-  Danae from Me and My Camera. You can view Danae's wedding film of their day here