Just breathe.

Modern life. We race around, at a frenetic pace, eyes darting from here to there. Our minds ruminate over what we have done, what we should have done, what we haven't done, what we still have to do. We are so busy, so constantly connected, so constantly on.  We are continually reminded that we need more. 

More money. More stuff. More information. A better job. A bigger house. That shiny new phone. That latest thing. Because it's new. And new is better. 

We are led to believe we are not enough just as we are. Our beautiful bodies are too big, too small, the wrong shape, the wrong colour. We should be thinner, taller, smarter, better looking, funnier, younger, older.

Just the other day I watched an ad on TV selling unlimited data for our phones. The ad featured a woman in a park,  just behind her was a child playing happily, bathed in a golden light, the type you get just before sunset. There was birdsong in the background, and a gentle backing track. The entire scene felt serene, calm, peaceful.

The woman was looking down at her phone, smiling, watching a movie, or something. I laughed at the absurdity of what was being sold to us. That we should pay money, that we work hard for, so we can not enjoy such a serene and beautiful looking scene. WTF????

But what if we just stopped. Took in a deep breath,  looked around us, opened our eyes.

And were truly present.  

Looked up and noticed the sky on fire,  smelt the salt from the ocean on the breeze, felt the rush of the wind, and sea spray brush against our cheek. What if we refused to continue just one minute longer with the absurdity of what we are led to believe will bring us happiness. 

Because we are all enough. Just as we are. We all want the same thing. The human condition craves connection. Not with stuff, but with each other. Be present in the moment. Be kind.