Meagan + Pete. Melbourne bayside Wedding

Meagan + Pete. Melbourne bayside wedding at Sails on the Bay

Each week I am invited into the private lives of two people, in love, on their wedding day. I am able to be swept up in the excitement, the giddy anticipation, the nerves, the tears from mum. It’s such a special place to be in. It feels like I am photographing, witnessing an old friends wedding. I let myself get swept up in the day. This is how it works for me. Meagan and Pete’s heartfelt wedding went exactly like this.

Two kind souls, “dog people” as Meagan described- (my kind of people!) making their private love for each other public in front of their families and friends. I don’t think I could have shared a day with a more down to earth happy couple. I told Meagan one day we should walk our dogs together, and maybe one day we will.