Bec + Mike. Stones of the Yarra Valley

Bec + Mike. Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

I love what I do so much. To be a part of someone's wedding day is the greatest privilege. For a day I am graciously let into the lives of two people as they begin their journey forward together and for me, it's all about keeping it real- real people, real emotions and real connections. I first met Bec and Mike through Mike's sister Melissa, a bit over a year ago when I was lucky enough to photograph her wedding. Seeing Melissa and Mike and their family again, as well getting to know Bec's family is what it's all about. Making connections, sharing in a part of people's lives- that's what does it for me. As I walked out the door of Bec and Mike's reception at the end of the day I could hear laughter and music behind me, and I smiled to myself, knowing that I had made two new friends that day.