Danielle + Chris. Melbourne CBD Wedding

Danielle + Chris. Melbourne CBD Wedding at Zinc

Danielle and Chris’ sweet spring wedding took place in Melbourne’s CBD. Their reception was at Zinc, at Fed Square. Chris liked the architectural qualities of the CBD buildings, Danielle loved the gardens- so we combined the two for their location photos which included Parliament Steps, Treasury Gardens, Federation Square and the Prices Bridge next to Flinders Street Station.

I love that with each wedding I gain privilege to the private lives of two people, in love, on their wedding day. A pivotal moment for me was Chris’ reaction as he saw his bride for the first time. Just as Danielle appeared within view at the end of the isle I turned my camera to Chris-  Here he was, on his wedding day, about to marry the love of his life. He gave a small nod upon seeing Danielle, eyes full of joy, as if confirming to himself that yes, here I am, and here is Danielle, my love, on our wedding day. That reaction to me, is why I do what I do. Such a small movement, just a nod, representing the deep and endless ocean of love for his new wife.